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Lovely view of lake from every window


You and I will live on the shore,
By fencing ourselves with a very tall dam
From the continent in a small circle,
Constructed by a self-made lamp.
You and I will play the cards
And we’ll listen the insanity of breaking wave,
With a certain cough and sigh

Joseph Brodsky

Lake life

Actually there are two lakes — Small and Big Baltezers. They are separated from one another by a sand-hill land bridge. Mazais Baltezers Lake covers the area of 198,7 ha, depth — up to 10 m. Lielais Baltezers Lake covers the area of 597,5 ha, depth — up to 6 m. The shores of the lake are relatively low, the scenery is quite picturesque, but the most beautiful thing are the five thoroughly overgrown islands. In this place grow pines and oak trees, which age has exceeded a hundred years, and sometimes even two hundred years. In the underwood there is the mountain ash, buckthorn, shadberry, willow. In this place you can find the rich, fruit-bearing berry places. By the way, in Soviet times the islands of the Big Baltezers Lake were added to a number of protected natural objects and served.